January 19, 2021

10 World’s Most Endangered Forests

Forests are extremely important to the balance and well being of our planet. Forests are home to a wide range of flora and fauna and are also home to various species. 80% of terrestrial biodiversity lies in the forests. Unfortunately forests are dying due to the expansion of our urban life. Here is the list of the 10 world’s most endangered forests.

10. Eastern Afromontane, Africa

The forest of Eastern Afromontane is located to the east of Africa and is an endangered forest. It has a large variety of animals, birds and fishes in the lakes, but with the expansion of agriculture and plantations the forest is in danger.

9. Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands, Africa

The Madagascar & Indian Ocean Islands is a tropical and subtropical forest that has over 50 lemur species and some rare and unique animals. However due to the rise in population in the surrounding areas, this jungle is in danger.

8. Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa

Although the coastal forest of Africa is fragmented and tiny, they are home to subtropical broadleaf forests. It also includes endemic monkey species. Agricultural expansion is threatening the existence of these coastal forests and commercial farming has just left 10% of all original habitats.

7. California Floristic Province, North America

The California Floristic Province is a tropical and subtropical forest which is also home to the planets largest living organism. However most of the large mammals here have gone extinct since commercial farming is spreading into the forests.

6. Mountains of South-West China, Asia Pacific

This lush green forest is in danger because people are taking up the forest land for urbanization. The large pandas in these forests are endangered and are on the verge of going extinct.

5. Atlantic Forest, South America

The Atlantic Forest of South America comprises over 20000 plant species and rare bird and animal species. With the expansion of coffee and sugarcane plantations, the Atlantic forest is now in danger with only 8% of the original habitat prevailing.

4. Philippines, Asia-Pacific

The Philippines forest is spread across 7,100 islands however most of the plants and animals here are in danger since people have been exploring the forest thus disturbing the natural habitat of the wildlife. This forest is home to the world’s second largest eagle. It is also home to the popular flying frog.

3. Sundaland, Asia-Pacific

The Sundaland forest has various species of flora and fauna. The species of orangutan also considers this forest as home. However due to industrial forestry and animal trade the Sundaland forest is slowly diminishing.

2. New Caledonia, Asia-Pacific

The New Caledonia forest is in danger because of the deforestation. While this was initially a large forest with loads of plants and animals, only 5 % of the forest remains.

1. Indo-Burma, Asia Pacific

The Indo Burma forest is home to several birds, turtles, various fish species and various flora and fauna. With the advent of urbanization, the forest land is slowly diminishing with just 5% of the original habitat surviving.

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