January 18, 2021

5 Useless Body Parts Leftover From Evolution

Our body is a god given gift to us. Each of our body part functions for certain things. All parts are important in some ways. At least that’s what we used to think until now. But what we know may not always be true. This is one such situation. Our body have undergone years and years of evolution processes. In our way from a Sahelanthropus Tchaedensis to the Homo Sapiens that we have become today, we have adapted new body parts and we have lost some of them.

With an extended reading of Darwin’s theory of evolution, we could understand that the most used body parts grow and the unused one shrinks to nothing. That’s what made Einstein’s brain a bit bigger than a normal human being’s brain. But even after all these body part emitting and shrinking and whatever it is that have happened, some body parts managed to stay without any extinction. Here are the list of those useless things

1, Tailbone

tailbones used to give mobility and flexibility to our 4 legged ancestors. But we are 2 legged and why do we need them now? We show evidences of an extended tail when we are in the womb. Its shrinks to a small tailbone when we are born.

2, Wisdom teeth

The real purpose for having wisdom teeth were to chew extremely hard food. But man invented fire and started having cooked food. And with agriculture we moved onto more soft food. So why do we have wisdom teeth anymore?

3, Appendix

Appendix is more useful to plant eating organisms to digest food. Still such organisms make a good digestion out of it. Man used to be a plant eating organism once. But now we have moved forward to other items and appendix is a useless organ now. This organ was first listed as a useless organ by Darwin himself.

4, Ear muscles

We used to hunt once. The ear muscles were helpful for our ancestors in finding his prey or predator. We are far from that situation right now. But we could not say that these muscles are completely useless. We could still wiggle them.

5, Erector Pili

These muscles helped us to keep us warm by lifting our furs and kept us warm enough from the biting cold. It also helped us to look larger to our predators. We don’t have fur anymore. Now a days we could see them doing there job when we get Goosebumps.

These organs are not going to be the end of the unused ones. Our behaviour today defines the future.

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