January 19, 2021

6 Proven Tips to Get Deep Sleep at Night

A human body is like a machine which works constantly without a stop. It functions no stop around the clock. Like all machines it also requires some rest.  Non all parts of our body could stop working for a minute or two. But there are parts which could go for a hibernation whenever needed. It is for the perfect functioning of our body that we sleep. Sleep is an important vital function. It is necessary to sleep at least 6 hours a day. The lack of sleep may cause multiple diseases. A deep and calm sleep could ensure a properly working human body. There are people who could not sleep in time. This is mostly because of stress or some kind of sleep disorders. We could use some tricks to ensure a well rested deep sleep.


1, Maintain a sleep routine.


We should make a sleep routine to ensure that our body is well rested for the time being. Sleep is like a diet. Don’t sleep too much or don’t make a lack thereof. Do time intervals in between your sleeps. Try to sleep at the same time on everyday. Keeping a regular time to sleep ensures fast and calm sleep. People who sleep in irregular time intervals are bound to have issues with sleeping.


2, Meditation could do wonders


Stress is the most common reason why a person suffers from a lack of sleep. We are all busy with our work and education now a days. Busy schedules and tightly packed deadlines put an end to our inner peace. Meditation could take our mind out of all these stressful thoughts. A peaceful mind could rest easily without any concerns.


3, Find your favorite sleeping position.


There is always a favorite sleeping position for everyone. There are peaceful sleepers and then there are aggressive sleepers. We get better sleep when we sleep in a certain position. In my case, I’m good when I could fly like a Superman. Now what is yours?


4, Heat is good

A hot bath before bed helps our body tissues to relax over sleep. Massage your limbs gently before sleep to enhance blood circulation. It keeps our body warm and thus helps with better sleep.


5, Go low on carbs

Avoid foods with high carbohydrates and stick to more leafy vegetables and food items which are low on carbs.Sleep gets better with the amount of carbohydrates we omit from our diet.


6, Stay away from caffeine

Caffeine is widely known to abstain you from sleep. Its good to stay away from caffeinated drugs. It slow downs the rate of sleep. Water is good to maintain our metabolism.

Apart from all of these it is highly recommended you to have inner peace. Keep yourself happy and you could sleep better.

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