January 22, 2021

7 Easy Ways to Release Anger

People always become cruel when they are angry. We say and do things that we don’t actually mean. We throw temper tantrums, we say the filthiest thing to hurt others and we might even hurt others physically. And when the anger is gone, everything will be over. We might as well have lost the most important people in our lives. Why would we do that when there are actual ways to release this anger without further damage? Here are some ways to keep control over your temper.


1. Silence speaks louder than words

The best way to control anger is silence. It’s is the best answer to a person who evokes anger in us too. Let them be frustrated of our silence. Let them be confused about our thoughts. Think about their emotional state which was caused by our silence. You will find out it’s the most soothing thing to do when you are angry. Remember, “He who angers you, conquers you.” ~ Elizabeth Kenny

2. Have some sleep

Did you know that sleep controls a good part of our emotional and physical well being? Your anger might be a result of the lack of sleep. If your mind and body is not getting enough rest, it is more likely to it to release all that stress through other ways, like through anger. So have at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

3. Aroma therapy

Odor has the power to soothe our mind. Fill your room with a good flavor that you like.  Put on some slow melody. Sit down and close your eyes. Relax. It’s the best way to release anger.

4. Talk to a friend

You all have a friend that you would go to at any time of day. Find them. Speak to them. Tell them that you are angry to this person, and why you are angry. Don’t take it out on them. Just talk it out to them. This way no one gets hurt and you could release your anger. Two birds with one stone.

5. Blow up your anger

Write down the things that causes you anger in small pieces of paper. Now put it inside a balloon, blow it, put it down, jump over it. Let it blast with a big sound. It is a good way to release all that grudge.

6. Run

Yeah, you heard it right. Run. I’m not asking you to run away from the person who caused anger in you to but run away from your anger. Sweat it out. That adrenaline rush could give you a good release.

7. Take a shower

Taking a shower is a good way to release anger. Let all that anger that boiled up inside you cool off.


These are ways to cool off your anger. It is you who decides how to anchor your anger in a proper way. No one other than you are responsible for your actions.

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