December 5, 2020

7 Happy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Life is a habit. Everything we do in our life is a part of our being. A habit is something we cultivate in ourselves. Every habit we start in our childhood follows us to our death. Here are some habits which we could start to make our lives a better thing.

1, Cleanliness

It is always good to be clean. Personal hygiene should be given first hand importance in our lives. It should be made a habit for sure. But what about our surroundings and the place we live in? Make it a routine to clean your house daily. Along with bathing and brushing your teeth daily spend some time to clean your house too.

2, Making small talk with the people around you

Oh please! Put that mobile phone away for some time. Did you know that there are actual people who could talk around us? Try to make some healthy small talk with people. And please don’t make it a gossip session. Make some friends. Put some light and friendship in the lonely lives of others.

3, Walk in the nature.

Go for a walk in the nature. It keeps anxieties away. Have some time to look into the beauty of nature. It’s a relief from the contaminated world. Fresh air, sounds of nature and that cool breeze could bring wonders in your life.

4, Journaling

Have you read the world famous work The Diary of Anne Frank. How wonderful a small girl could change the perception of the world through a diary, right? Writing journals is a good habit. Recording events in our life assures a fragment of our past always with us.

5, Exercising

Today’s generation spends most of their time in social media. Not finding enough time for physical exertion is another threat. We depend more on machines to do our day to day life. Either you should find time to exercise or you should do your household chores yourself without the help of machines.

6, Spend your time for a good cause

Our daily activities should not be selfish. Be selfless for sometime and try to help someone sometimes. Spend your quality time for people who are alone or abandoned. Volunteer one or two days of your life for some patients or physically disabled. It would definitely lift your spirits

7, Wear a smile like an ornament
I would say smile is the worthiest ability of a human being. It’s priceless but at the same time comes without a price. Smile for each and every aspect of your life. Be thankful. Give a smile to the people you see in your daily life. If they give it back, you made a friend. If they don’t, well they lost one good friend. So put on a smile.

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