January 18, 2021

7 Pro Tips to Improve Your Memory Naturally

A poor memory assures a frustrating life. We could get easily frustrated over things that are not actually your fault. Think about a situation where you couldn’t remember where you kept your phone or the key of your car or when you can’t even remember your best friends name suddenly in the middle of a conversation. How embarrassing right? Well here are some natural tips to improve that tortoise memory of yours.

1, Meditation

Meditation is a good way to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and pain as well as to improve memory. It has been proved to be helping in increasing grey matter in our brain. So, practice meditation to have a good memory. A clear head could help with good memory.

2, Maintain a healthy weight

maintaining a good body weight helps us to have a healthy body. It is essential for our wellbeing. Obesity can cause changes to memory associated genes, which thereby affects our memory.

3, Get enough sleep.

Lack of quality sleep is directly proportional to decreasing memory. Memory is related to your brain. How can human brain function if it does not get enough rest? Sleep is important for memory consolidation, which transform short time memory to long time memory.

4, Practice mindfulness

Be present completely in your present situation. Focus your body and mind in the current situation which you are in. if you are not concentrating in what you are doing then there is a good chance that you might forget whatever you were doing.

5, Alcohol is also injurious to memory

Excess consumption of alcohol results in memory loss. Alcohol exhibits neurotic effects on the brain. If consumed excessively it could damage the hippocampus, a part of the brain which plays a vital role in memory

6, Play memory games

If something needs to work properly in your body, it must be used. The same goes with your brain. Train your brain to maintain memory. Gradually our brain learns to store everything for good. Games like Tetris, word puzzles, crosswords and word recall games helps a lot

7, Maintain a healthy diet

A good diet assures a healthily working mind and body. To increase your memory power, cut down your refined carbs, eat foods with vitamin D, choose anti inflammatory foods, add some cocoa to your diet and most importantly, chocolate helps.

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