January 23, 2021

How to Stop Caring What People Think and Focus on You

Being self conscious is a good thing.But what if we get constantly concerned about what others think about us? Is that a good sign? We are in a constant frenzy to please We live in a highly judgmental society. We are human beings and we of course worry about what others think about us. It gets worse time by time because people are never going to stop. What if we could ignore it?


The first thing that we need to realize is that people have no perspective on what goes on in your life. They criticize us without knowing what it means to walk in our shoes. People think on their own point of view. What looks good on their eyes might not be good to our eyes. Some people like tea and some others coffee. The same thing happens here too. So what others think about you doesn’t really matter.


We need to focus more on ourselves. We cannot love others if we do not love ourselves. So when you see someone. So Start a diet because you wanted to and not because someone called you fat. Don’t ever try to reach other people’s expectations because no one is worth it.


The truth about people is they don’t actually care. They don’t pay much attention to your life. Their opinions about you are momentary. Everyone have their own issues and they are more obsessed with rectifying them rather than looking out for your life. And then there are people who are fixated on criticizing you. Maybe they don’t have much things to do in their lives. Maybe they are envious of what you are or what you would become. If no one criticizes you it simply means that you are doing things in the wrong way. The common way. When you get negative opinions, you could realize that you have done something out of the box.


Pickup a goal and focus more on achieving it. Then you wouldn’t even have time to think about other people’s opinions. You would be more immersed in your own goals that you forget about opinions which doesn’t matter.


People make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. It’s important to make mistakes. And there will surely be someone to make you feel bad about it. Never mind. They could have done it by themselves. They didn’t. And that makes them disqualified to make an opinion. Opinions are fickle. They keep changing time to time. So stop trying to impress someone and try to impress yourselves.


Don’t ask opinion about you to others. If you look at the mirror and find yourself attractive enough to go out, then that’s it. You don’t need someone else to approve your choices. The truth about life is life is short and we have only one of it. We meet a lot of people in our day to day life. We can’t meet the expectations of all of them. If we try to do so, we will loose ourselves in the process. We might become something which we are not. Don’t let it happen. You are enough. Start enjoying your life. Be happy. Those who are unhappy of your choices, let them be.

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