September 22, 2020

Top 10 Best Detergent Brands In India

Detergents are chemical substances but very important and crucial for daily life especially in India for washing clothes. The strong detergents are meant to clear and wipe away the dirt and stains from the clothes. There are different kinds of detergents available in India but there are few best brands that are known for highest quality and long lasting impact. Here are the Top 10 brands of detergents of India in 2020.

1. Surf Excel

Surf Excel is the most popular detergent brand in India. The brand was launched in 1959 and since then it has almost replaced the word detergent as Surf Excel in every household in India. The incredible detergent powder has wide range of varieties and removes dirt and stains without harming the fabric of the clothes.

2. Ariel

This is a Procter and Gamble product that is known for removing deep dirt and stain. Even though the detergent is bit costlier than other detergent powders and liquids but the strong effects have made it as one of the best in India. The brilliant whitening effect of Ariel is considered one of the best.

3. RIN

RIN is a product of the Hindustan Unilever Limited and was launched in 1994. Since then it has ruled the Indian market with effective and excellent washing. It has huge range of variety including powder, liquid and bars.

4. Tide

Tide Detergent is one of the most popular among the brands in India. The excellent detergent is mostly famous for the impact on the white cloths. It can remove the dirt and stains from the cloths without affecting the texture of the fabric.

5. Nirma

Nirma is one of the oldest brands in India with huge popularity. There is hardly any retail shop that does not have the Nirma Detergent powder. The excellent powder is known for the whitening and removing stains and dirt from the cloths.

6. Wheel

It is a Hindustan Unilever Product that was launched in 2000. This is hugely popular in the rural areas of the India. The affordable detergent can remove strong dirt and stains from the clothes. The impact of the detergent can be availed with liquid, powder and bar forms as well.

7. Ghari

Ghari is one of the most popular detergents in the B Tier cities and in the rural areas of India. The brand was launched in 1987 and since then it has only gained popularity. The wide ranges of varieties and good impact on clothes have made it one of the best detergents available in the country.

8. Henko

The product of the Jyothi Laboratories, Henko is one of the most popular and equally fascinating detergents in this segment. The detergent is affordable and can be used for versatile clothes. This is an affordable detergent that is known for high quality washing by removing the stains from the clothes.

9. Fena

Fena is hugely popular detergent in India for the affordable cost and effective solution. One of the best detergents available in India, Fena is known for washing cloths without disturbing the fabrics of the clothes. The detergent is very popular in the rural areas of the country.

10. Sunlight

This is one of the most sold and popular detergents in the West Bengal and Kerala states of India. The detergent may not have the same grip in other parts of the country but it is highly effective detergent and is on the 10th in the list.
These detergents are known for the wide range of varieties and different price ranges.

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