September 23, 2020

Top 10 HDMI Cables [Buying Guide]

In today’s HD-quality content age, the most ideal connection type to use is the HDMI cable. Gone were the days that RCA and VGA cables are the perfect one to use. These particular cables are not capable enough in supporting HD video games and videos. In this regard, here are the top 10 HDMI cables that must be considered:


1. AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI

This HDMI cable absolutely works, and it can only be bought for affordable price. Through it, connecting to the internet is possible because of its built-in Ethernet. 4K and 3D resolutions can also be handled with this particular HDMI cable. It’s available in different cable lengths, so you can surely choose the one you need.


2. AudioQuest Pearl 

It’s best for in-wall installation, and this is certified by CL3 safety. Extremely dangerous substances such as lead are not present in this HDMI cable, and RoHS can certify to this. In terms of price, this is not that affordable but it’s also not that expensive.


3. Blue Jeans Cable High-Speed HDMI 

Belden Bonded-Pair technology is one amazing feature of this HDMI cable. This is the reason why it is highly flexible, and can provide stable signal to the users. It also comes with Ethernet, which can maintain 10.2 Gbps minimum bandwidth.


4. Cmple Ultra High Speed

Any video signal can be handled by this excellent HDMI cable; not to mention that it’s an affordable one. Any braiding is not expected from this cable, so you can be sure that wear and tear is less to happen on it. In terms of its high speed and Ethernet features, HDMI Licensing LLC can certify it.


5. dCables High Speed HDMI

Advanced color and audio features are supported by this HDMI cable. This is very affordable, but the quality is excellent enough to handle everything you need. 3D, 4K, and 1080p video signals can all be handled by this cable. Its Ethernet feature is sure not to affect its audiovisual components.


6. Honeywell G3 High Speed HDMI 

It’s a braided type of an HDMI cable, which is very affordable on your part. In terms of safety, this one is certified by CL3. It comes with good build quality, and it is capable enough in supporting 4K resolutions. It’s actually a great investment in the long run since it can resist wear and tear.


7. MediaBridge Ultra Series High Speed HDMI

When compared to wireless connections, this HDMI cable has stronger signal as far as Ethernet feature is concerned. This goes to show that it is best for videoconferencing and movie live streaming. Advanced color spaces and 3D and 4K resolutions are supported by it.


8. Monoprice Select High Speed HDMI

In terms of its high speed feature, the HDMI Licensing LLC can certify it. Watching various contents of videos under the 3D, 4K, and 1080p resolutions is possible with this cable. Aside from its affordability, you will also love its good build quality. In terms of safety, this one is certified by RoHS.


9. Monster 1000HD Ultimate High-Speed HDMI 

This is an HDMI cable that is built with excellent quality. It’s included in the list of most expensive cables that can be found in the market today. In terms of protection from corrosion, durability, and conductivity, this HDMI cable is also excellent enough.\


10. SIIG ProHD

This HDMI cable is under the braided type. It comes with Ethernet that cannot be questioned when it comes to speed. In fact, the HDMI Licensing LLC certifies it. The thing is, you can only have 3 length options from this HDMI cable namely 5 meters, 2 meters, and 1 meter.


These are the top 10 HDMI cables available today.  Any of these cables can surely meet your requirements.

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