December 5, 2020

Top 5 Popular Watch Brands In India

Accessories add more charm to our outfit and fashion. To uplift the accessories part in our style, watches are most treasured possession. Most of the time when I pick up my watch, I feel that I wear it as fashion and style accessory than the purpose of telling time. Men or women whoever be but they can’t deny the fact that wrist watches have the very special influence to satisfy your fashion and style needs and this is the reason watch manufacturers come up with new looks and design in watches. For watch lovers, here are some of the best-picked brand.


5. Fastrack

Though it is sub-brand of Titan, it has gained its own identity since the time it was launched (i.e. 2008). From the very beginning, it has made an incredible impression on the younger generation especially. Being available at a reasonable price it delivers striking fashionable and groovy designs making good grip in the heart of youths.  It provides all types of a watch like Analog, Digital, Chronograph, and Analog-Digital at price ranging from Rs.700 to Rs.6000. Different models provided by it are Tribe, Tees, Fastrack Sport, Explorer, and Warpaint.


4. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the most preferred brand in terms of its sophisticated look. It comes with elegant to classy looks making this brand everyone’s favorite. It comes up with exceptional design and style which enrich the outlook of the person. It has got varieties in straps which are available in bold colors to premium metallic finish. The types of watch pervaded by this brand are Chronograph. Analog and Analog-Digital ranging from price Rs.3500 to Rs.14000. It offers classic and sporty watches.


3. Timex
Timex is one of the leading brands of the watch in India as it is providing very decent and stylish watches from low to high prices. It provides different types of watch for persons with different nature like Expedition collection for adventure lovers, Intelligent Quartz for fashion lovers and Iron man collection for fitness lovers. They have made a good grip in the minds of the watch lovers because of its classy Italian design and German engineering. It’s not just a watch to see time, but it also shows the fitness indexes like calories burnt and much more in its new model called Metropolitan Collection. Numerous models like Intelligent Quartz, E-Class, Sports Marathon, Empera, Classics, Expedition, and Weekender are provided with the price ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.18000. It comes with all types: Analog, Digital, Chronograph, and Analog-Digital.


2. Citizen

Being a Japanese brand it is the leader in terms of technology it has used in its watches. It is one of the chief manufacturers of the watch. Every time when it comes with a new model of watch, undoubtedly it is a masterwork and awesome combination of style, design, and technology. It has also launched a watch which runs on a solar power named Eco Drive. It has come up with few models than others like Eco-Drive, Satellite, and Promaster which ranges from Rs.4000 to Rs.200000. It produces Analog-Digital, Chronograph and Analog watches.


1. Titan

No other brands can match with the varieties of the model provided by this brand which is suitable to present in different functions and occasions as well. The models are just awesome either it is for gents or ladies. Highly paid Bollywood actors have been the brand ambassador of Titan watches. Sonata, Police, and Fastrack are the outputs of this brand itself. The models of the watch from Titan are Nebula, Steel, Raga, Orion, Purple, Automatic, Tycoon, Octane, Bandhan and others which start from Rs.1000 to Rs.150000. Digital, Analog, Chronograph and Analog-Digital are provided by it.


I hope this is certainly useful for the watch lovers to choose one best for them in their medium budget especially those who have a hunger for the brand as well as quality, look, and durability.

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