Why Do I have White Spots on My Teeth?

Have you experienced having an ungodly white spot on your perfect front teeth. It is worse than the world ending before your natural death right? You would look up to the space and plead. Oh God! why would you do that to me? I ate that sandwich in my sister’s plate last week because I was really hungry. Is this the punishment for that?

Well the answer is no. There are many other reasons for that white spot on your teeth. Let us find out them now.


Fluorosis is a condition were your tooth get exposed to too much fluorides. This condition is not harmful to your teeth, but it bleaches it too much. It is always good to use toothpaste with less amount of fluorides. A little amount of toothpaste is needed for our teeth. So don’t overdo it or it might cause white spots.


Demineralization is the gradual leaching of vital minerals, such as calcium, from the tooth enamel. Exposure to the acid in food or drink and plaque build up are the two most common causes of demineralization. These condition is most likely seen in people who have braces. Oral hygiene is the only weapon. Brushing and flossing are compulsory. And if you have those braces, be a hygiene maniac.

Hypoplasia of the Enamel

Enamel hypoplasia leaves the teeth with thinner enamel than normal, leaving the teeth more vulnerable to stains and decay. Causes for enamel hypoplasia in a child’s teeth include premature birth, malnutrition, and mother smoking while pregnant. These condition is rare. But it is almost impossible to control.

Bleaching and micro abrasion are the most common ways to treat the white spots on our teeth. If you are too embarrassed to smile because of those white spots, consult a dentist sooner than later.