September 23, 2020

Why Is There a ‘X’ or Cross Mark At The Back Of A Indian Train?

Have you ever travelled on a train? Have you at least been to a railway station? What a question, right? Almost everyone who is reading this have travelled on a train. And then there are some people who are afraid of travelling in a train. They are mostly concerned about their safety. What if the train hits another one? What if the train engines go wrong? What if suddenly apocalypse happen and we end our lives in the train itself? Well for those who have these type of concerns here is a tip.

Have you noticed a cross ‘X’ sign at the back of a train? Ever wondered why it is there? Well the sign is a proof that it’s the last wagon of the train. There is a red light below this train. When the cross mark is seen in the daytime, the red light is seen a t the night time. If these symbol is not there then it means that the train doesn’t have some wagons. But it not the only thing it denotes. The symbol denotes safety. If the symbol is there then it means that the train is professionally checked and it is ready to run. But if it is not there then it denotes possibilities of dangers.

In addition to this cross sign, there is an ‘LV’ sign written in  black on yellow. This is the abbreviated version of last vehicle. This informs the railway authorities when to take precaution in case of dangers. So look out for a cross sign on the back of the train whenever you go to a railway station. Share this news with your friends so that they also could avoid chances of dangers in a single step.

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